Little Miss Isabelle

Posted by Marie

We have the perfect thing to brighten up your day, everyone! Remember growing up with the Little Miss and Mr. Men characters with different types of personalities? Well, imagine having a birthday party featuring them! We haven’t seen anything like Isabelle’s party and we think it was such a genius idea! All the details, down to the littlest bits and pieces, were so delightfully in-tune with the theme that we can’t help but grin from ear to ear! Thank you to 9th Avenue Photography for these beautiful snaps that brought us right back to our childhood! Scroll through this post and you’ll be feeling like Little Miss Sunshine for the rest of the day!

What we’re digging:

  • The quirky centerpieces! Each table had a different character and the figurines were spot-on!
  • Did you notice how some of the paper lanterns (and the piñata!) also resembled the characters? What a great touch!
  • That amazing cake by Tazzy Cakes! It’s so pretty that we can’t even think about eating it!
  • The loot bags and other themed giveaways! We especially love those hand sanitizers!

Photographer: 9th Avenue Photography / Stylist: Design Avenue / Cake: Tazzy Cakes / Mr. Bump Pinata: Piñatas by MGozun / Drink Labels: KimiF1Creations / Onsite Bagtags: Quick Transfer / Hand Sanitizer: Personalandito / Table Assignment Envelopes, Printables, Custom Prizes, Loot Bags: Mommy Ina / Food Carts: Potato Corner, Pizza Pedrico’s, Crafty Celebrations / Host: Bobi the Magicman (Polkadots Events)


By the Bay

Posted by Marian

Let’s go fishing, folks! Xanti, along with his very creative family, prepared bait, food, and a whole lot of fishing gear for his super fun fishing-themed birthday–it’s definitely a day of fun-filled activities! Captured by RJ Remulla of Baby It’s a New Day, I just can’t wait to show you these cute snaps from today’s celebration! Happy fishing!

What we’re digging:

  • That distressed effect of Xanti’s stage backdrop. It really looks like one from those fishing areas I see!
  • The “gummy worms bait house” dessert is genius! I just love how everything’s in theme!
  • Actually, all the food and sweets were completely in theme as well!
  • How about the dessert bar set up? Complete with nets, themed sweets, and nautical props–totally adorable!
  • And the fact that this was a D.I.Y. affair by the whole family warms my heart!

Photographer: RJ Remulla of Baby It’s a New Day / Venue: DAHHA Clubhouse / Stylist: D.I.Y by family / Cake Baker: Cherry Blossoms Cakes and Pastries / Catering: The Creamery


Special Double-Delivery

Posted by Isa

Looks like Mr. Mailman just dropped off the most special delivery for you folks today! We simply can’t wait for you to see this adorable double-baby bash! Yup, double meaning… TWINSIES! This baby affair has got adorable written all over it thanks to the snaps sent in to us by Therese Jacinto Design! So we won’t keep you any longer, darlings! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this lovely Friday!

What we’re digging:

  • The theme is simply genius! What better way to celebrate this baby bash than an intimate backyard gathering with your loved ones!
  • Those invites in the traditional envelope pattern! Nothing is sweeter than old-fashioned letters like those!
  • Don’t you just love the set-up of the whole place? So simple and crafty! With the mailbox, the packages, the letters–the whole affair definitely screams PRETTY!
  • And those desserts! My goodness they all just look so delicious–and so in-theme too! The letter cookies, the cakes shaped as packages, and cookies placed in envelopes? We absolutely love everything about it!

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Sunshine and Skaters

Posted by Marie

What do you get when you have a sweet, girly mommy and a rockin’, skater daddy? The perfect opportunity to have two totally different yet equally beautiful photo shoot layouts! Natalia looked super adorable in her beautiful lemonade garden, and after a change of clothes and styling, she transformed to a very cool Rock and Skate Princess! We can’t thank Jamie & Baby Lifestyle Photography enough for these gorgeous snaps! Whether you’re a girly girl or a skater girl (or somewhere in between!), we’re sure you’ll fall in love with these photos just as much as we did!

What we’re digging:

  • All of the bright flowers and lovely sunshine in Natalia’s garden setup! Looks like we just entered flower heaven!
  • The fun instruments and records in the rockstar set-up! Nothing says cool like some awesome things to jam with!
  • How natural it was for the whole family to be in front of the camera! Mommy Nadelyn, Daddy Gyte, and Natalia looked like they were having such a blast!
  • The special guest appearance by their furry dog! This family is just so darn precious!

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