6 Simple Joys of Breastfeeding That Every Mom Can Relate To

There are days when breastfeeding becomes challenging. Sometimes, it gets frustrating when you can’t find the right position to feed, or when your breasts start to become sore and painful. Or, when you leak milk even when you’re not nursing!

But aside from these struggles, you know deep down that you’ll miss it—especially the little things! Here are a few simple joys that you experience when you nurse your little one.

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A Whimsical Tea Party Family Shoot

I’m obsessed with books, especially if you pair them with a cup of tea! So when I saw this family shoot captured by Mayad Beginnings, I was super excited to see the full set! From the dainty flowers, to the giant tea cup, and the whimsical details, everything felt like a dream. So scroll down, and start swooning over these gorgeous photos!

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The Look


7 Ice Cream Places To Cool Off This Summer!

It’s hot and sunny outside, so what are you craving for? Ice cream sounds like a good idea! Whether you want to celebrate with the family or simply just wanna cool down this summer, these seven ice cream places around the metro won’t disappoint! Check out our list below, and have a wonderful week ahead!

7 Ice Cream Places to Cool Off this Summer!

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Julia’s Pretty, Pastel Woodland Party

Be sure you’re up for an adventure, cause today we’re heading to the woods! Little Julia recently celebrated her birthday with a pastel woodland celebration, and the details look so inviting. Style it Dainty Studio styled this whimsical bash, and we can’t help but appreciate the pastel colors and the charming animal cutouts! Get ready to be amazed with these beautiful snaps captured by Ren Faustino Photography!

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