Princess Rikki’s Baptism

Here at Baby and Breakfast, we believe that kids are definitely a gift from heaven–which is why we’re a bit excited to share with you Harry Lim Photography‘s snaps of princess Rikki’s baptismal. It’s a quaint reminder that parties can include a bit of pink heavenly elements, too! Just look at how Party Project Manila dolled up the place… it’s definitely fit for little royalty!

What we’re digging:

  • The lush flora and pompom decor definitely gave oomph to this party! I’m totally loving the simple and understated accessories of this bash!
  • Don’t you just adore that castle fondant cake? How would anyone dare eat that masterpiece?
  • Those green succulents are too stylish! Wish I could have them in my own garden!

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Crixus and the Chocolate Factory

Get your tummies ready, darlings! Cause today, we’re going to a Chocolate Factory! And the best part is, you won’t need a golden ticket, because we’re bringing the factory to you! Crixus’ whimsical and vibrant party styled by Barbie Pardo is all things pretty, and we literally want to join the fun and eat some sweets! Thanks to Manny and April Photography for sending us these splendid snaps of the birthday bash. We hope you won’t get too hungry after this post!

What we’re digging:

  • The entire setup is to die for! Those colorful candy decor pieces are sure to spark our love for sweets!
  • Who else is digging that glorious desert station by Sweet Nest Candy Buffet and Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse? Those pastries are almost too pretty to eat!
  • That scrumptious cake looks like every chocoholic’s dream come true! Even we want to take a bite!

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A Fun and Festive Backyard Bash

Summer isn’t over, folks… not just yet! So, how about some last-minute summer backyard fun while the sun is still out? Do you remember our feature for little Yael’s pre-birthday shoot? Well the adorable outdoor styling was done by none other than mommy Zandy Sampang, and of course by 14Four Café. Happy Folks Studio sure did a fantastic job in capturing all of these charming photos, and you should definitely check them out now! We hope that this set will brighten your day with cuteness!

What we’re digging:

  • The little animal cake toppers, teepee, and camping cookies are so adorable!
  • I wish I had taken home one of those little party favors myself!
  • Am I the only one who’s drooling over those different cakes? I’m definitely eyeing that Oreo cheesecake!

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Lady Arya’s Feast

Quiet in the Realm! Since I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones, I am so delighted to share this dazzling party with you! Lady Arya’s pretty pink celebration in Winterfell is beyond words! Stylist Niqui Rose gave a twist to the usual gray and black GoT theme, and we’re loving the modern vibe of the feast! Because the gala is too adorable, we’re sure you’ll travel to the north to have a glimpse of this chic celebration! Thanks to Mhel Mesa Photography for these snaps!

What we’re digging:

  • Those cupcake toppers by The Regali Kitchen look so divine! King Tommen will surely love that mini replica of the Iron Throne!
  • Winter is Coming! Those adorable cookies by Toy Cakes and Pastries by Chef Kiko are too pretty to eat!
  • And can we talk about those pink dragon eggs on the tables? I want one, too!

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