Welcome the Summer Season With This Pretty Luau Bash!

March is coming to a close, so that means… it’s almost SUMMER! I’m sure you’re excited for your next beach trip with the fambam! But before you head to Boracay or La Union, you must check out this hip summer celebration! It’s filled with colorful details and decorations that will surely have you craving for some sand and sea! View this pretty set, captured by Cradles, and have a splendid day!

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These Adorable Kiddies Are Totally Rocking Their Summer OOTDs!

Summer is almost here! Do you feel it in the weather yet? We can’t wait! Besides the halo-halo, the fun activities, and the beach trips, summer is also a great time to ogle at some of the cutest outfits! Everything from uber cute swimwear to fashionable play clothes, this is definitely one of our favorite seasons. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite kiddie sweethearts whose summer OOTDs are definitely on point!

Adorable Kids and Their Cute Summer OOTDs!

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A Festive Cinco de Mayo Celebration for Juancho

The weekend is almost here! Because of that, here’s a special feature that you’ll surely like! This Cinco de Mayo party features the most colorful elements and charming details, and it’s perfect for a fun-filled fiesta with the family! So check out these photos, captured by Peach Frost Studio, and enjoy the fun!

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The Look

The Perks of Having a Big Family

“How many are you in the family?” I like answering this question. People usually don’t expect my answer, so I wait for the surprised looks (you know, eyes popping, mouth hanging open, people doing double takes like they misheard me) because it’s so amusing. Yes, ten’s a lot for most people, but I figure it’s just about right.

 photo familyjumping-1.gif

With ten in the family, you don’t need to get up from the toilet when you realize there’s no more toilet paper. Nope, just yell for someone and voila instant toilet paper–no need to get up from the toilet or anything! (Oh yeah, have I mentioned there are no boundaries too?) But if you think I’m just concerned about my toilet paper (which I am), I care about other things too.

The Perks of Having A Big Family Photo: The Huffington Post

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