A Super Space Station

Posted by Marian

Greetings, humans! We’ve detected an out of this world party (Houston, we don’t have a problem), and we’re sure you’re going to agree with us when you see it too! Jax is upgrading to version 1.0 so Party Magic decided to gear up all their creative juices to make a super space station! Filled with a starry, starry ceiling, it absolutely felt like outer space just browsing through the photos. Are you ready, earthlings? Because we’re launching in five, four, three, two, one… Liftoff!

What we’re digging:

  • Those robot centerpieces. It’s always nice to see parties with different centerpieces per table. Just look at those toy robots!!!
  • What a starry night! That ceiling decor is definitely mesmerizing to look at, don’t you think?
  • The robotic space dessert bar is also cute! Check out the robot cake pop!
  • Jax’s outfit! Every birthday celebrant has to dress up in theme, right? Way too adorbs!!!

Photographer: Justin de Jesus of Delicious Food Photography / Stylist: Party Magic / Caterer: Verleo Catering Services / Dessert Bar: Simply Paris /  Host: Make Believe Productions / Videographer: Photoman / Lights and Sounds: Crossmix / Food Cart: Licksticks and Potato Boss / Cake: Tazzy Cakes


Playful Pow Wow

Posted by Marie

We all know the story… when Christopher Columbus discovered America, he also found the Native Americans. What history books don’t always mention though, is the magical beauty of this diverse group of people. With their mythical legends, love for nature, and crafty handiwork, there’s no denying that they are absolutely fascinating! So imagine how delighted we were when we found out that precious Bree had an American Indian-themed party! And we were just so happy that Fuguwi Collective was able to capture everything, from the feather buntings and headdresses to the dreamcatchers and wooden horses! Thank you, Teepee Dreams, for creating such an enchanting celebration! What are you waiting for? Bring out your inner Pocahontas and scroll through today’s pow wow!

What we’re digging: 

  • The colorful head dresses and face painting (for the guests too)! We think they’re enough to delight any Sioux, Navajo, or Cherokee!
  • The table setting! Slingshots, dolls, and feathers–so fun!
  • The cloth teepee and rocking horse set up! The kids definitely seemed like they were having a blast!
  • All of the desserts! Just look at those ice cream cone teepees, feather arrow marshmallows and cupcakes, and Aztec-print cake – what’s not to love?

Photographer and Videographer: Fuguwi Collective / Event Stylist, Decorations, and Favors: Teepee Dreams / Venue: Don Jose Heights Clubhouse / Cake and Desserts: Felicity Patisserie / Catering, Lights and Sounds, and Entertainment: Queensland Catering / Cupcakes: Cuppy Cravings / Plush Dolls and Bree’s Moccassins: Mhyrtle Kids / Indian Headdresses: Anika Cruz /


Baby Bear Bash

Posted by Marian

Let’s start our week right, shall we? Jaden’s baptism was nothing short of sweet and adorable. That baby blue motif filled with lots and lots of cute little animals (and teddy bears, I might add), couldn’t be any more perfect for our little bud. We’re happy this party charmed its way to the blog! Thank you Khim Cruz of Party Deco for sending us these photos! Okay Monday, let’s do this!

What we’re digging:

  • We love the signage with all the info we need to know our little bud, Jaden! This is such a cute way of letting your guests know more about your kid!
  • Those blue jelly cups look so yummy–we haven’t even eaten breakfast yet, but we want to skip to the dessert already!
  • How about those elephant cupcakes? Actually those bear cupcakes too! And those giraffe cupcakes!!! We don’t really have to choose just one, right?
  • And that adorable three-piece cake by Baking Bug Bites!!!

Photographer: Ty Cruz / Stylist: Party Deco / Baker: Gladys Zamora of Baking Bug Bites


A Cup of Charming

Posted by Marian

It’s not just a day of teacups and cookies, it’s a day of all things pink and dainty–and we’re definitely not complaining! OneCarlo Photography captured all the charming details in Vittoria’s party, and we just can’t help but feel like princesses complete with tiaras! Don’t you think having a British accent while flipping through these photos would be perfect right about now? Sigh, such wishful thinking! I’m going to have to practice that one, but these photos will do for now. Enjoy!

What we’re digging:

  • Those pink pom-poms and lanterns hung by the ceiling–this sky of pink is such a pretty pretty sight!
  • The table setups done by K. by Cunanan. I love the contrast between the soft hues of pink and light brown to the green succulents!
  • Those high tea-appropriate outfits donned by the mommy and daughter duo!
  • And that overly cutesicle birthday cake. Drooooool!

Photographer: OneCarlo Photography / Venue: Monte di Portofino Grande Roma / Decorations: Party Time and K. by Cunanan Catering / Event Stylist: K. By Cunanan Catering / Desserts: K. By Cunanan Catering and Krispy Kreme / Cupcakes: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and Cake City Co. / Invitations: Paper Garland Designs Kids / Host: Marvin Tumandao / Entertainment: Jive Dance Group / Lights and Sounds: Ravia Lights and Sounds / Planner: Party Time