This Amazing Carnival Bash is Filled with Fun and Color!

“I close my eyes and I can see a world that’s waiting up for me…” Ever since the hit The Greatest Showman entered the movie scene, adults and kids the world over have been captivated by the movie, especially the soundtrack. We’ve been seeing carnival themed parties inspired by The Greatest Showman ever since, and I am loving it. Today I’ve got Amaris’ first birthday party from Ivy Tuason Photography, and you’ve got to see how everything turned out!

Baby and Breakfast: Girl Parties This Amazing Carnival Bash is Filled with Fun and Color!

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7 Simple Ways You Can Help Ease Your Child’s Anxiety

It’s perfectly normal for children to sometimes show signs of anxiety. Defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome, anxiety in most cases can come and go. As a matter of fact, different stages of development tend to bring with them different fears and worries for kids. Babies and toddlers for instance, may be afraid of loud noises, heights, strangers, and separation, while preschoolers can start to fear the dark or being on their own, school- age children on the other hand, might be anxious about social situations, tests, ghosts, or physical harm, etc. These emotions are normal and valid for your little human. As parents though, we know our children best. If your child is chronically distressed or nervous, then it’s best to seek professional advice. Otherwise, read on for seven ways you can help ease your child’s anxiety.

Baby and Breakfast: Parenting Simple Ways You Can Help Ease Your Child's Anxiety

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Mitchie’s Love-Filled Maternity Shoot in Sonya’s Garden

Sweet, natural, and blissful–that’s how I would describe this oh-so-lovely maternity shoot. I love how it took place in nature with colorful blooms and lush greenery all around! It truly made for the most perfect setting. With lots of hugs, kisses, and giggles, you should certainly see all the love-filled photos captured by Photography by Regina for yourself!

Baby and Breakfast: Maternity Shoots Mitchie's Love-Filled Maternity Shoot in Sonya's Garden

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12 Family Shoot Themes The Whole Fam Will Want To Try Out!

Thinking about different ideas and looking through different themes for your family shoot is always a fun and exciting thing to do. Sometimes though, it may become overwhelming because there are LOTS of themes out there, and it may also become a pressuring task because you’re all too eager to pick the PERFECT theme to showcase your family’s personality. Don’t worry now, we gathered 12 different themes for you to help narrow down your choices. So go scroll away and enjoy!

Baby and Breakfast: Family Shoots 12 Family Shoot Themes the Whole Fam Will Want to Try Out!

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