Pastels and Prettiness

Posted by Marian

This, my friends, is what sweet pastel dreams are made of. Lauren celebrated her birthday with the most precious adornments and being that we love all things pretty and dainty, we immediately fell into a daydream as we scrolled through the set. Be careful of today’s birthday sent to us by Cradles, you just might find yourself lost in a daydream too! Now this is how we start our Monday mornings! Enjoy!

What we’re digging:

  • We are totally loving the ceiling decor! From the pink and white swag to the pompoms and lanterns! What a beautiful thing to see!
  • We can also never get enough of dainty and shabby chic parties! Very easy on the eyes don’t you think?
  • Of course, we simply love the overall styling of the whole party by Ralph and Co Events! Bravo!

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A Slice of Sweet Surprise

Posted by Annicca

Don’t you just fancy affairs that take classy and sweet together and design it to perfection? We do! And it’s only a piece of cake for this shoot, preciously captured by Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee Photography, to get us swooned over it. Styled by Donna Gonzales-Lim of Joie de Vivre Styling and inspired by the iconic Marie Antoinette, this shoot crossed the boundary of time–it’ll be hard for you to engulf the goodness all at once! To top it off, Isabel charmed our hearts out when she showed up in her most fabulous outfit! So take a quick sip of your tea and enjoy this delightful treat that’s splendid for breakfast. We say, let them eat cake!

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Gorgeous Garden Gala

Posted by Annicca

Well isn’t this THE most gorgeous birthday bash ever? Happy Folks Studio sent us these snaps and it’s giraffing us crazy and had us standing tall! Styled wonderfully by Ernest of Bespoke Manila, this garden occasion was transformed into Cara’s little haven, as it is inspired by her favorite toy, Sophie the giraffe. Looks like it’s another good day to pick up tons of swoon-worthy inspirations, loves! Enjoy!

What were digging:

  • I adore that cake spun by Sugarplum Pastries! Wooow. Painted with a cheery yellow, this cake was prettified with those delicate flowers and the cute giraffe topper! Add to that the other lovely treats gracing the dessert table!
  • Who would even want to miss this sweet fête after receiving that watercolor invitation?! I looove the soft touch of blooms!
  • We’ve been spotting more and more parties digging the rustic vibes in their themes. And I won’t even complain! Don’t you just love those cactus-in-a-pot giveaways?
  • I had stars in my eyes when I saw those hanging pink roses and the greenery dashing the stage! When in doubt, go green!

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20 Macaron Designs That Are Ridiculously Adorable

Posted by Marian

Word on the street is that Ladurée will be opening a store here in Manila soon (insert all kinds of Emojis here)! So being the sweet tooth that I am, I began to daydream about macarons and ended up compiling photos of ones that are too darn cute to eat! From polka dots to soccer balls, here are macaron design ideas for every fun and festive occassion! I might just make a macaron bar just for the sake of having these ridiculously adorable designed macarons! Excuse me as I contemplate on really making one… Enjoy!

1. Polka Dot Macarons


2. Panda Macarons by Regine’s Homebaked Goodies

[Party: Panda Pretty / Photo: Cradles]


3. Oyster Macarons

[Party: Splash of Mermaids / Photo: Anthony Co Photography]


4. Cookie Monster & Elmo Macarons


5. Emoji Macarons


6. Football Macarons

[Party: The Greatest Goal / Photo: Ren Faustino Photography]


7. Pineapple Macarons


8. Ice Cream Macarons


9. Penguin Macarons


10. Rainbow Macaron Cake


11. Snail Macaron


12. Donut Macarons


13. Flamingo Macarons


14. Pantone Macarons


15. Pink and Gold Macarons


16. Diwali Chinese-Inspire Macarons


17. Macaron Lollipops


18. S’mores Macarons



19. Heart-shaped Macarons



20. Waffle Macarons

There you go, folks. Release the inner sweet tooth inside you and let the cravings begin!