Mommy Chronicles: 5 Creative Moms Who Make Motherhood Look So Darn Good

1. Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez (Owner of Philux) – Mom to Andrea, popularly known as #andreabuccibear. She’s a furniture company owner/designer and a mom you would take fashion cues from. You’ll definitely see these two beauties always on their style A-game.


2. Mikka Padua (Founder of Seek the Uniq) – If being a mom meant creativity and cuddles, Mikka would be the perfect peg for it. She and her daughter Misch know their way around their colorful wardrobe. Founder of a popular online retail shop, we’re not surprised how she’s not only a mom at heart but an artist as well.

I woke up and she is three-quarters my size 👭 #keepingupwithmischka #seektheuniq

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3. Cat Juan-Ledesma (Producer of The Parent Files) – Going through her Instagram account means daydreaming about beautiful and relaxing things. Known to have a very chill approach to motherhood, Cat is a natural with her babies, Fin and Nara. Of course we won’t fail to mention she even produces her own online show about parenting, how cool is that?

My baby love.💕 📷: @kellymisa at @windwardhouse 👙: @beyondthebeachph

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4. Vania Romoff (Fashion Designer) – Having a mom for a fashion designer means a lifetime of beautiful clothes and unending kisses. This new mommy knows how to look beyond stunning despite the sleepless nights of having a newborn.


5. Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio (Blogger and TV Host) – A traveller and an adventure seeker, Rica makes sure that her son Philip is trained young. While most moms dread travelling with a youngster, this momma thrives in it.

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