7 Reasons Why Moms Can Basically RULE THE WORLD!

When you think about great world leaders, who comes to mind? Alexander the Great? Nelson Mandela? Martin Luther King Jr.? Jose Rizal? It’s true, they’re all great leaders and share many great qualities. But you know what I think? I think moms share many of those great qualities too. So, here’s why I think moms can practically rule the world.


1. Moms are decisive.

When faced with urgent questions and situations, moms are very decisive. “Mom, can I eat ice cream?” “Mom, can I go to my friend’s house?” “Mom, what book should I report on in class?” I’m betting Jose Rizal didn’t make up his mind as fast as moms do!


2. Moms are strategic planners.

How can moms not be strategic? When they’ve got to manage pick up schedules, grocery trips, and after school activities–all on the same day! They’re the best strategic planners anywhere!


3. Moms are insightful.

I don’t know how moms do it, but they somehow know what their kids want even before they say it. They can also finish their kids’ sentences too. What leader wouldn’t want that?


4. Moms take on multiple roles.

HR, Sales, Marketing? Pssh. Try being a teacher, cook, coach, and cheerleader! No one can doubt any mom’s multitasking skills!


5. Moms take on challenges.

“Mom, can you draw Moana for me?” “Mom, can you make me this toy that I saw?” Even though they might have no idea how to draw or make a toy, no challenge is too big or small for moms!


6. Moms are fearless.

Many a man has chickened out in the face of a dirty diaper. But moms are afraid of nothing! Wiping dirty noses and mouths, and all kinds of messes has trained them to be fearless. I don’t think Alexander the Great ever had to come face to face with a dirty diaper!


7. Moms are always prepared.

Whatever the situation, whatever the case, whatever the time, moms are always prepared. Whether it’s with a pack of snacks, a box of baby wipes, or a piece of sound advice, moms are always there to save the day!


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