Check Out These Cool Baby Names For 2017!

Expecting a new member to join your family soon? Besides stocking up on all the baby supplies, we’re sure you’ve been thinking of a few names. But where do you even begin? How do you decide what name to give your child? Are you going to name him or her after someone in the family? A close friend? Maybe you’re choosing random names that sound nice to you? Or are you scouring the internet for something unique? If you’re still unsure, we’ve got a list that might help you out!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Check Out These Cool Baby Names for 2017! Photo: Jess Panajon Photography


GIRL'S NAMES Alanna Pronunciation: UH-LA-NUH Meaning: Precious Origin: Hawaiian Allegra Pronunciation: AH-LE-GRA Meaning: Joy, happiness Origin: Italian Elina Pronunciation: EH-LEE-NUH Meaning: Sun ray Origin: Greek Kamea Pronunciation: KA-MAY-UH Meaning: The one and only Origin: Hawaiian Leila Pronunciation: LAY-LUH Meaning: Night beauty Origin: Arabic Lisette Pronunciation: LIH-SET Meaning: God's promise Origin: Hebrew Mila Pronunciation: MEE-LUH Meaning: Miracle Origin: Spanish Safiya Pronunciation: SAUF-EE-YUH Meaning: Pure Origin: Arabic Sari Pronunciation: SA-REE Meaning: Princess Origin: Hebrew Trixie Pronunciation: TRICKS-EE Meaning: Bringer of joy Origin: English


BOY'S NAMES Alejo Pronunciation: AH-LE-HO Meaning: Defending men Origin: Spanish Amedeo Pronunciation: AH-MEH-DAY-O Meaning: God's love Origin: Latin Andreas Pronunciation: AN-DRAY-AS Meaning: Strong and manly Origin: Greek August Pronunciation: AW-GUST Meaning: Great, magnificent Origin: Latin Cato Pronunciation: CAY-TOE Meaning: All-knowing Origin: Latin Cayo Pronunciation: CAH-YO Meaning: Rejoice Origin: Latin Dion Pronunciation: DEE-YON Meaning: Child of heave and earth Origin: Greek Eitan Pronunciation: AY-TAN Meaning: Strong, firm Origin: Hebrew Kenzo Pronunciation: KEN-ZO Meaning: Strong and healthy Origin: Japanese Milos Pronunciation: MEE-LOSS Meaning: Lover of glory Origin: Slavic


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