6 Ways Homeschoolers Can Socialize As Said By Homeschoolers

When it comes to homeschooling, one of the biggest concerns for parents who are either new to homeschooling or just thinking about it is… socialization. “If my child has no classmates, how will s/he socialize?” While this is a big concern, you can rest easy knowing that there are ways you can get your homeschooled child to socialize. How do I know this? Well, I asked several people who had been homeschooled to tell me what they did. Read on to find out what they said!

Baby and Breakfast: Parenthood 6 Ways Homeschoolers Can Socialize As Said By Homeschoolers


Spend time with your relatives

When I started homeschooling, I had five other siblings already, and we would socialize everyday. I also have around a total of 50 first cousins whom I would regularly meet at family reunions. Those family reunions were in a way, an avenue of socialization for us too. – Sabrina


Join a sports team

Playing team sports, in general, can help anyone socialize. You are forced to encounter others and work together, or even make friends with your so-called ‘enemies’ on the playing field. What I and other homeschooled kids have, though, is the opportunity to join more tournaments, to play with several teams at once, and to go out of one’s comfort zone. Oh, and I could stay longer with friends after training because I didn’t have homework to worry about! – Polo


Look for an extra-curricular activity you love

Being homeschooled gave me the freedom to pursue the hobbies I was interested. I liked cooking, baking, and teaching–so I ended up being an assistant teacher in a kindergarten, as well as teaching cooking and baking classes and giving cooking demos–all of which were ways for me to socialize with different people and different age groups. – Sabrina


Attend camps

Summer camps turned out to be a great way to socialize. I met people who went to different schools and came from different places. Because of that, being homeschooled didn’t make me stand out. It gave me something to talk about and share with a variety of people. – Cara


Go to church

Church organizations were one way I socialized because there were a lot of youth activities (e.g. prayer meetings and camps). It was easy for me to connect and socialize with other people in church activities because we were there for the same reasons–to build our faith and grow spiritually. Because of that, I was able to gain good friends and keep close and genuine relationships. – Paula


Find a homeschooling group

Being homeschooled broadened my social interactions. I was not limited to socializing with the people from one school, but people from different circles. I think one of the best ways for homeschoolers to do this is to join a homeschooling group. You’ll get to meet and spend time with different people, and even share experiences together. Besides being a way of socializing, a homeschooling group is also a great support system. – Sovi


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