This List of Songs is Perfect for Your Newborn

Music plays a huge part in influencing our lives, and that works both for us adults and even our kids. So if you’re looking for newborn-friendly songs you can play for your little ones–either during their nap or play times, then we’ve got the perfect playlist for you! Just check it out on our Spotify! (No need to download, just open the app, and press play!) Happy listening!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends This Lis of Songs is Perfect for Your Newborn


A List of Songs for Your Newborn You Are My Sunshine Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Sonata I Know an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly Beautiful Dreamer Hush Little Baby I Can Sing a Rainbow The Alphabet Song Incy Wincy Spider Rock a Bye Baby Kumbayah Going Home

What kind of playlists would you like to listen to next?


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