Happy Easter from Baby and Breakfast!

Good morning, moms! Whether you’ve planned a family brunch at your house, have out of town plans, or are just planning to have a staycation at home, we hope your day will be filled with fun, family, and love all around. And with that, we want to wish you a… from the Baby and Breakfast […]

8 Affordable Resorts To Go To Near Manila For A Fun Family Vacation

The sun is bright and shining on this glorious month of April! And if you can’t tell, we are totally loving this summer season! The cute summer OOTDs, the fun workshops and activities, and even the long-awaited family vacation! So if you were to busy to plan your family getaway, you might want to take […]

Are You Bribing or Rewarding Your Kids?

I have a fear of becoming one of those parents who bribes their kids for everything. Someone who has to offer something every time they want their kids to do something. But, I also like rewarding them. What if they passed all their exams and I want to show them how proud I am? Is it an […]

Breaking the Thumb Sucking Habit

If you’ve got some thumb suckers in your family, and are at a loss at what to do, here’s what you should not do. Don’t use wasabi–the little ones just wash it off. Don’t use band-aids–oh, the kids will convince you that the band-aids are working for a while, but the minute your back is turned, they’ll […]