6 Ways Homeschoolers Can Socialize As Said By Homeschoolers

When it comes to homeschooling, one of the biggest concerns for parents who are either new to homeschooling or just thinking about it is… socialization.¬†“If my child has no classmates, how will s/he socialize?”¬†While this is a big concern, you can rest easy knowing that there are ways you can get your homeschooled child to […]

5 Alternative Ways to Say No to Your Child

Kids probably ask you for around a hundred things every single day, and what kind of parent actually likes having to say no to their child a hundred times? Truth is, you will never be able to stop your children from wanting new and different things. Every parent just wants their child to be happy […]

Why Your Kids Should Spend Time with Lolo and Lola

There is so much to love about our grandparents, aside from the undeniable fact that grandparents are notorious for feeding us till our bellies are full! Growing up, I enjoyed every visit to my grandparents’ house. Aside from being fed every single minute, I loved hearing their stories and enjoyed their company. It’s true what […]

7 Filipino Manners and Values Your Kids Should Know

The year is more than halfway through, but it’s never too late to teach our kids some Filipino values! Call me old school, but I firmly believe that passing on the things we’ve learned from our own mommas and poppas are very important! So, I jogged my memory, did some research, and came up with […]