What is Baby-Led Weaning and Why You Should Do It

When my little girl reached four months old, she started showing interest in food. She would intently watch me and her dad pick up the cutlery, put food in our mouths, and chew. She was exclusively breastfed so I began to ask around at the office mom group when, how, and what they gave their […]

My Kids Are Fighting. What Do I Do?

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian-West, but being in such a complicated and famous family, her saying that having siblings “is like having built-in friends” is something you wouldn’t necessarily expect. In most cases, sibling rivalry is often outgrown, but the Kardashians seem to still carry old wounds, don’t they? That’s the thing about […]

This Product Makes It Easier for You and Your Baby to Sleep at Night

Part and parcel of being a mom means adapting your lifestyle to your little ones. One of the biggest changes you’ll encounter comes during bed time. Whether you’re co-sleeping with your baby beside you, have a crib in your room, or put a baby monitor in your child’s room, waking up in the middle of […]

Here’s A Guide to How Many Hours of Sleep Your Child Needs and Its Benefits!

Sleep is important to everyone’s health and well-being, but most especially for your child’s. The amount of sleep a person should have varies, depending on the individual, their age, and other factors. Does your child get enough sleep? See the table below, and find out! Tagged: benefits of sleep / hours of sleep / hours […]