7 Modern Filipino Restaurants To Visit With Your Family

Fact: Filipinos love food. Fact: Filipinos are close to their family. Fact: Filipinos love to eat food with their family! Knowing this (and because it’s Buwan ng Wika), we decided to round up seven drool-worthy Filipino restaurants for you. Now these restaurants don’t just serve typical Filipino food–they each have their own modern take on traditional […]

14 Local Brands You and Your Kids Will Love

Moms and kiddos are always in need of things–anything and everything from bag essentials such as insect repellants and baby wipes, to clothes for the little ones and decor for their rooms. So, I’m very glad to present 14 local brands that offer world class quality and taste! After browsing a ton of different brands and […]

10 TV Shows that Teach Your Kids Life Lessons

Television might not be so bad, folks! Although it is true that there are many television shows with very little morals, it shouldn’t discredit the shows that do uphold a strong moral and/or educational foundation. I find that television shows are a good way to keep your kids easily entertained while learning. TV time can […]

9 Merienda Spots To Visit With The Family

What’s your favorite time of the day? Mine is merienda time! So I thought, why not share with you guys some of the best places to have merienda with the whole family? Everyone loves this time of the day anyways, right? So without further ado, here are nine merienda spots where parents and kiddos can have […]