Your Hubby Will Feel Extra Special Once He Hears These 5 Things From You

Moms, we all know that communication is a central, integral, critical, and basically, very important part of every relationship. You have to communicate schedules (like who’s picking up whom from school, who’s going to take care of the baby while the other tries to rest for a couple of minutes) and your everyday news (like what happened at work and what relative did this). But in between all the things we have to communicate with our spouses, we mustn’t forget the happy, mushy, and yes, cheesy things that (even though they’re cheesy) will definitely make our hubbies feel extra special. And since we discussed the 5 compliments that every wife should hear, we made sure that we made a version for the hubbies, too!  Here are five things to tell him that will make him feel special:

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Have a Laugh with these Funny, Mobile-Friendly Valentine’s Day Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Whether you’ve got an exclusive date with your hubby tonight, are going out for a nice family meal, or are just having a stay-at-home family night, we hope your day is filled with love, happiness, and laughter. To help get your day started, we have a surprise for you! Drum roll please… Mobile-Friendly Valentine’s Day Cards!!! Now, you can send your hubby and kids special Valentine’s Day cards that will surely make them laugh (or at least crack a smile). So, don’t forget to download these cards and send them with a smile and heart emoji. 🙂 <3 Have an amazing day!


I feel like I'm slightly less crazy than last year. That is my gift to you. Happy Valentine's!

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What Every Wife Secretly Wants for Valentine’s

Yes, there are dinner dates, the usual bouquet of red roses, maybe even a box of chocolates, but nothing truly says “I love you” like a sincere gesture that comes from the heart. Right, moms? So to help you (but really, your hubby), we listed down a few sweet gestures we know you’ll appreciate on Valentine’s Day. (Ahem, ahem, hubbies, take notes pretty please!)


What Every Wife Secretly Wants For Valentine's

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Luke’s Camping Bonanza

Are all your bags packed and ready to go? We’re going camping today, thanks to baby Luke’s first birthday! Kudos to Dots and Stripes, who gave the indoor venue an outdoor feel! Be sure to check out this set, captured by Mhel Mesa Photography.

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