This Classroom Party is the Perfect Way to Celebrate the Back to School Season!

Who says you can’t have a fun in the classroom? Style It Dainty Studio styled Liam’s adorable school-themed celebration, and I think it’s a cool and unique theme for little kiddos! From the wooden study desks, to the colorful books, and the cute stationeries, this sure looks like one celebration that you don’t wanna miss. Thanks to Harry Lim Photography for sending these amazing photos!

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Here’s What Every Breastfeeding Wife Wants From Her Husband

While your husband may not experience the same challenges that you’re going through, he still plays a vital role in your breastfeeding journey. Having his support can make a huge difference when you breastfeed. And since it’s essential to involve him, we decided to make an article that can help him help you in your breastfeeding journey. So read through our points below, and don’t forget to tag your husbands! After all, breastfeeding is not only one parent’s decision.

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Celebrate Father’s Day In These 6 Cool Restaurants!

Want to take your husband out on Father’s Day, but have no idea where to go? Don’t worry momma, we’ve got you covered! This coming Sunday, treat the man of your life by taking him and the kids to a cool place where you all can relax and enjoy some good food. After all, he deserves it! So here are six dad-friendly restaurants that you can choose from.

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Coco’s Fun-Filled Pinoy Fiesta

Happy Independence Day! Today you’re invited to Coco’s fun-filled Pinoy fiesta, and we can’t wait to show you all the details! The Party Project Manila did an exceptional job of styling this vibrant celebration with interesting Filipino-inspired decorations like sari-sari store goodies, banderitas, and banig giveaways. So check out this beautiful set captured by Nicolas Photography and Videography!

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