7 Event Venues You Can Have Your Kid’s Celebration In

Choosing a venue is crucial to any celebration you plan on throwing. It’s the first step in making your party come to life. We know how tough the search for the perfect venue is, but fret no more because we’ve made it easier for you. We’ve listed down seven of the most accessible and flexible event venues around the city, so scroll away because these venues are fit for the kiddie party of your dreams!

Baby and Breakfast: Party Planning Even Venues for Your Kid's Birthday Party

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Ashton’s Adventure Begins Here!

Good morning everyone! Nice Print Photography captured the most endearing photos from Ashton’s newborn photo shoot, and I’m here to share them with you all. Scroll through the photos below because, I promise you, these photos will put a smile on your face! I definitely had an aww moment for every photo. Hopefully, you do too!

P.S. – You have to see the photo of Ashton hugging his bear–it’s just so adorable!

Baby and Breakfast: Family Shoots An Adorable Newborn Photo Shoot for Ashton

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The Look



Get Your English Speaking Child Excited to Learn Filipino with These Techniques

It’s not surprising that in this day and age, more and more Filipino families choose to raise children with English as the basic language used at home. While it may be true that being able to speak fluently in the universal language will be very beneficial for our children in terms of confidence, competitiveness, and comprehension, it is also equally important to impart them with knowledge and love for our own language, which is Filipino. After all, they are in the Philippines, and aside from it being a topic on nationalism, they will always find it useful one way or another. Plus it’s such a beautiful and romantic language–definitely too good to pass up! If you’ve already got yourself an English speaking little human, fret not, as it only takes a few tweaks in your household and routines to teach them our beloved Filipino language.

Baby and Breakfast: Parenting, Education Ways You Can Your English-Speaking Kids FIlipino

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Illy’s Adorable Donut Themed Birthday Party

Can’t think of an interesting idea for your daughter’s birthday party? Do-nut worry! We’ve got today’s party feature to give you inspiration for days! Scroll through Amilon Ignacio Photography‘s snaps of Illy’s donut themed party ASAP!

Baby and Breakfast: Girl Parties Illy's Adorable Donut Themed Birthday Party

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The Look