List of 2017 Holidays and Long Weekends

Hi, moms! Are you feeling excited and inspired for 2017? We sure are, especially with this special treat we have for you! We know that out of town trips with the fam are something we all look forward to. So to help you organize your schedules, we decided to create this cool poster that you can save on your phone. Now, you can easily map out your trips for 2017! Yay!


Charming Camper

Get your colorful clothes and prepare your funky headdresses! Today, we’re invited to Ethan’s charming Native American birthday party. Check out this fun and quirky bash, styled by Sweet Street Manila. Doesn’t it look super Insta-worthy? Gosh, this party is certainly super adorable! Thanks to Studio629 for sending this gorgeous set!


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New Year with the Kramers

Hey, folks! How’s your week going so far? Today, we have something super special in store for you that will surely make you smile! Team Kramer recently had a family shoot for the New Year, and their photos are super cute! Their outfits and adorable smiles make this shoot totally #familygoals! So what are you waiting for? Check out the snaps below, and prepare for the cuteness! Trust us, by the end of this set, you’ll be wishing you were part of the team too. Thanks to Nice Print Photography for sending these adorable photos.


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The Look


How To Teach Your Kids Respect

If there’s one quality to teach your kids, it should be respect. Technology and media have come a long way since the days we were kids. There are so many movies, TV shows, even music and games that depict anger and rude behavior. And kids learn by example, so when they see that these behaviors are common and seemingly accepted by everyone, they’ll think that it is alright to act that way. This is where YOU as a parent come in.

Respect isn’t a trait that is built-in, it is something that needs to be taught and encouraged. And being their parent, you are the person that they will look up to no matter what; you will be the one to shape who they will become in the future.

How To Teach Your Kids Respect Define Respect, Talk About It, Praise Respectful Behavior, Be An Example

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