The Price of Pregnancy: How Much Does It Really Cost?

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a carriage”… or so the saying goes! In reality, however, there is something important that we simply can’t skip over: the expenses that come with being pregnant these days! Unless you live in the boondocks and do not need a doctor to aid you in the process of growing and delivering a baby, you have to understand that “Baby don’t come cheap.”┬áIt’s time to get your head our of the prenatal cloud (for now), and if you don’t know exactly what to save up for, here’s the big payout, nine months before baby’s big day out!

Baby and Breakfast: Pregnancy The Price of Pregnancy: How Much Does It Really Cost?

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Pat’s Sweet and Elegant Maternity Shoot

It’s all smiles for expecting couple Pat and Pao as they joyfully await their baby girl. Nicolai Melicor sent us these lovely photos, and the sweetness in every photo just takes our breath away. We have to say though, that the glowing momma-to-be looks so elegant in her numerous outfits. Hats off to stylist Aira Franco for setting everything up for these perfect photos. So if you’re planning on having your maternity shoot soon, or are just looking for some charming snaps to pass the time, keep scrolling!

Baby and Breakfast: Maternity Pat's Sweet and Elegant Maternity Shoot

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10 Teacher-Approved Toys to Enhance Your Child’s Overall Development

Oh, the joy of seeing our children’s faces light up when they see toys! Learning is truly best absorbed through play, which is why it’s important to carefully choose toys that will not only be fun to play with, but will also encourage creativity and learning. Let this list of teacher-approved toys guide you on what to get your little one, and how you can maximize their learning capabilities.

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Teachers Recommend Educational Toys

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A Candid Stay-In Family Shoot

Happy weekend, folks! Shall we start this lazy day with some inspiration? I say yes! I’m so excited to show you today’s feature. We got these beautiful photos from Stories by Mina, and I am just loving this family shoot concept! The Labadan family get candid and give us a sneak peek into their weekend morning lives–including pajamas and breakfast! This charming set just goes to show that you really don’t need much for a shoot. No need for fancy outfits, makeup, and beautiful backdrops. The most important thing? You and your family! As long as you’ve got that, you definitely can’t go wrong! So for those of you who think this shoot is more your style, take notes!

Baby and Breakfast: Real Shoots A Candid Stay-in Family Shoot

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The Look