A Colorful Tropical Luau for Vanna

How about something bright, colorful, and tropical for today’s party inspiration? Harry Lim Photography sent us some photos from Vanna’s tropical luau, and I guarantee they’ll get you thinking of summer, sunshine, beaches, and fun. So keep scrolling for a definite pick-me-upper!

Baby and Breakfast: Girl Parties A Colorful Tropical Luau for Vanna

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The Look


#MomGoals: Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Have you ever wondered late at night how you manage to get everything done? You’re taking care of the kids, have a relationship with your husband, make sure the house is okay, run errands, and go to work–how do you do it? The real trick? Learning the art of work-life balance. I won’t lie, this trick is a constant art we’re all still trying to learn. There may be days when we’re on top of the world and just so happy with our productivity and efficiency, and then there are days when we’re miserable because we just can’t keep up. While it’s totally normal to experience this roller coaster ride, we’ve gathered a few tips you can keep in mind to stay in tune with yourself, your goals, and everything you need to accomplish in a more harmonious way that won’t make you feel robbed of yourself or your life at the end of the day.

Baby and Breakfast: Motherhood #MomGoals: Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance

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Franco’s Tropical Surf-Themed Celebration

If there was one thing on my bucket list that I really wish I could do now, that would definitely be surfing… at least I got a taste of what it feels like to ride the waves with Franco’s tropical surf-themed birthday! Dive right into this celebration through the snaps sent over by MyMuffin Photography!

Baby and Breakfast: Boy Parties Franco's Tropical Surf-Themed Celebration

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Are You Over Praising Your Child?

When your child first starts to walk, you applaud. When they say their first “Da-Da”, you get the giggles. And when they create even the most unrecognizable doodle (or let’s call it “abstract art”), you put it up on the wall. Some would call it normal parental support, but some would say you are doling out your praises too often, too much. Can you actually damage your child’s emotional well-being by telling them they’re doing a good job?

Baby and Breakfast: Parenting Are You Over Praising Your Child?

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