A Dainty Tea Party for Ischka

Sweets, tea, and a room full of pastel and pink! All these wonderful things are present at Ischka’s first birthday party, and thanks to Manny and April Photography, we get to see all of them! The best snaps are all posted below, so check them out now! Tagged: Aldino Rondina / Manny and April Photography […]

A Heartwarming Annie-Themed Celebration for Yuna

This birthday celebration was really cute! But more than that, it was meaningful. Instead of just a party that celebrated Yuna turning four, she and her mom decided to extend the invite to Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc.! The photos, taken by Manny and April Photography, just go to show how fun the party was! All […]

The Look



Geometric Perfection

Today, it’s all about celebrating cool and hipster vibes! Mommies Samantha Valenciano and Micah Soliven’s baby shower looks oh so adorable! Thanks to Manny and April Photography, we get to share with you all these pretty snaps. Get your safari outfits ready, and be inspired with the wonderful styling prowess of Passion Cooks! Tagged: animal / baby shower / Cool […]

Jedi Lucas’ Birthday Bash

Get your lightsabers out because were heading to a galactic battle! Lucas’ Star Wars birthday extravaganza sends us dreaming about the galaxy, and it makes us want to become jedis! The force is definitely strong with this one year old. Thanks to Passion Cooks for sending us this lovely party! What we’re digging: The hand-painted galaxy-themed backdrop by Passion […]