This List of Songs is Perfect for Your Newborn

Music plays a huge part in influencing our lives, and that works both for us adults and even our kids. So if you’re looking for newborn-friendly songs you can play for your little ones–either during their nap or play times, then we’ve got the perfect playlist for you! Just check it out on our Spotify! […]

A Baby and Breakfast Christmas Playlist

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere we go… It’s finally December 1, and here at Baby and Breakfast, we’re just too excited for Christmas! I mean, who isn’t? And we can’t help but count down the days until we get to spend time with family, eat, laugh, and celebrate. But while we […]

Celebrity Family Shoot: Alex Jazz and Jennylyn Mercado

With the gloomy weather we’ve been braving lately, shedding some sunny vibes in your morning, while you snuggle up in bed, has been my week’s goal. So when Jazz swung by our humble headquarters and flipped it into a rockfest, boy, was I ecstatic! Next to Mommy Jennylyn, I think we’ve just secured our spot […]