Garden of Enchantment

Prepare to be enchanted, folks! We found the prettiest little pixie in town and she was kind enough to show us around her lovely garden! Leuvy’s party is so breathtaking that you’ll wish you were a fairy yourself! With the vibrant flowers and whimsical details, this party is a whole new world of excitement that you’ll never […]

The Look

Pretty Pink Pixies

Today’s birthday bash will make you want to fly into a very, very pink Neverland! Yup, that’s right! Alexa’s enchanted garden is filled with fluttering fun thanks to all her pixie friends that came flying by! With pastel pink painting this oh-so-ethereal affair, beautiful roses blooming everywhere, and butterflies fluttering here and there, we simply can’t help […]

The Look

Fairy Festivities

Little girls who dream of fairies and pretty things will definitely look forward to celebrating their birthdays with some posh and pink. With some fairy wings here and butterflies there, this fête screams soft and sweet, don’t you think? Yup, we think Lily had an amazing set of vendors who pulled of her beautiful bash–fit for […]

The Look