Geometric Perfection

Today, it’s all about celebrating cool and hipster vibes! Mommies Samantha Valenciano and Micah Soliven’s baby shower looks oh so adorable! Thanks to Manny and April Photography, we get to share with you all these pretty snaps. Get your safari outfits ready, and be inspired with the wonderful styling prowess of Passion Cooks! Tagged: animal / baby shower / Cool […]

Jedi Lucas’ Birthday Bash

Get your lightsabers out because were heading to a galactic battle! Lucas’ Star Wars birthday extravaganza sends us dreaming about the galaxy, and it makes us want to become jedis! The force is definitely strong with this one year old. Thanks to Passion Cooks for sending us this lovely party! What we’re digging: The hand-painted galaxy-themed backdrop by Passion […]

Magic in the Moonlight

Are you looking for something cool and interesting? I’m sure Sab and Sam’s birthday celebration party will make you want to watch a movie, cause today is all about Maleficent! Party Magic did a fantastic job in pulling off this bash! Thanks to Happy Folks Studio for capturing these pretty moments! What we’re digging: Did you get a glimpse […]

The Look


A Robot Rush

Ready your tools and gear, everyone! Jaime is upgrading to 2.0 and we’re pretty much loving every single bit of it! From the themed sweets to the props–every detail was so spot on! We’d have to thank Khim Cruz of Party Deco for this styling showcase because this party sure looked like so much fun! […]

The Look