Sassy Safari Stroll

Feeling a little adventurous? Let me take you on a journey like you’ve never been! Can I enlighten all the little party animals with something a little sparkly, very artsy, and above all, covered in gold! A safari tour, perhaps? If you’re as torn as I am, there is no need to pick just one! […]

The Look


Little Zoo Keeper

We’re ready for the zoo tour! Everyone kindly join the tour and have fun as we take you on another jungle trip! Thanks to Jamie of Tiny Sparks Lifestyle Portraiture for capturing this memorable trip to the zoo! I hope you have a sweet tooth like us so you can enjoy Marisse Bonita-Foronda‘s  little animal desserts and […]

Gorgeous Garden Gala

Well isn’t this THE most gorgeous birthday bash ever? Happy Folks Studio sent us these snaps and it’s giraffing us crazy and had us standing tall! Styled wonderfully by Ernest of Bespoke Manila, this garden occasion was transformed into Cara’s little haven, as it is inspired by her favorite toy, Sophie the giraffe. Looks like it’s […]