Every Jurassic Park Fan Will Love This Hip Dinosaur Party!

When I was a kid, I enjoyed watching Jurassic Park–I was in awe with all the dinosaurs! So, when I saw Maser’s party, I felt like I was watching the movie again, up close. Just look at the replicas of the Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus! You’ve gotta check out this super hip and cool party styled by The […]

Jedi Lucas’ Birthday Bash

Get your lightsabers out because were heading to a galactic battle! Lucas’ Star Wars birthday extravaganza sends us dreaming about the galaxy, and it makes us want to become jedis! The force is definitely strong with this one year old. Thanks to Passion Cooks for sending us this lovely party! What we’re digging: The hand-painted galaxy-themed backdrop by Passion […]

Lucia Intal’s Super Cute Monsters Inc. Party!

Are you looking for something cute and cuddly to perk up your day? Baby Lucia Intal’s birthday bash made us want to watch Monsters Inc. again because of its delightful details set-up and pastel hues–it all looked exactly like the disney movie! Mayad Beginnings, Rina Santos, and Marion H Del Pilar did a great job in bringing the story into life. Check out […]

The Look


The Great Gatsby

Today’s celebration is all about the 20s! Yes, prepare your fedoras and petticoats, cause this weekend we’re going to Diego’s Gatsby party! Little People Lifestyle Photography sent us this glamorous birthday bash, and we’re so in love with all the photos! Dianne Khu Designs perfectly embodied the era, with this black and white theme and old Hollywood concept. Wow! We […]