How Does Breastfeeding Affect Mom’s Brain?

Moms go through so many changes during pregnancy and especially after giving birth. You must have already heard of “Mom Brain” or becoming more forgetful because of all the hormones brought about by pregnancy. But is “Mom Brain” really all about instances of memory loss? While breastfeeding is known to benefit your baby’s cognitive development,  what about its effect on Mom? We did some research and here’s what we discovered about how breastfeeding triggers certain changes or developments in a Mom’s brain. Read on!

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A New Mom’s Guide to Going “Green”

Being a new mom can get overwhelming. Aside from figuring out how to care for your little one, there are just so many options out in the market for a new mom to choose from. While those options, more often than not, prioritize practicality over being eco-friendly, you can still make the switch to more earth-friendly choices if you want to create a greener household for your family. We’ve listed down seven ideas below to help you start.

A New Mom’s Guide to Going "Green"

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How Can I Protect My Newborn Baby from COVID-19?

The Department of Health recently announced that the wearing of face masks is discouraged for kids under 2 years old. The mask might actually be a choking hazard and it may cause difficulty in your baby’s breathing. While informative guidelines are always helpful, the announcement has left more than a few parents wondering… How else can I protect my newborn baby from COVID-19? In addition to making lifestyle changes thanks to your role as new parents and adapting your home to the needs of a newborn, there are also a few things you can do to keep your baby protected during this pandemic. Keep on reading to learn about some simple ways you can keep your newborn safe and healthy.

How Can I Protect My Newborn Baby from COVID-19?

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A ONE-derful Bunny Themed Drive-by Party for Franco!

Stuffed bunnies, plushy carrots, crates, grass, and Peter Rabbit themed desserts and decorations all brought Franco’s first drive-by birthday party to life. Franco’s Mom and Dad are grateful for having their loved ones celebrate such a special day in a safe and fun way. They had take-home bentos, goodies, and quick photo ops which everyone surely enjoyed! We really love how this party exudes the feel of hopping into the world of a story inspired by Peter Rabbit, which is Franco’s favorite. The whole setup and all the love and joy truly makes this intimate celebration so grand! Enjoy scrolling through these photos by Keno & Krit Baby Photography.

A ONE-derful Bunny Themed Drive-by Party for Franco!

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