We Asked Moms What They Look for When Shopping for Baby Laundry Detergent

Every meticulous mom can relate when we say that making decisions for their little ones can get overwhelming. Choosing which baby laundry detergent alone can be confusing! With numerous products and brands in the market to choose from, how can a mom know which is effective, safe, and worth it? One fail-proof way that always works is to ask other moms about it! And so we did.

We surveyed our mom community on what qualities they consider first in buying their baby laundry detergent and here’s what they had to say.

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Sam Pinto-Semerad Documents the Last Few Weeks of Her Pregnancy in This Maternity Shoot

All blooming in anticipation, Sam Pinto-Semerad is just counting the weeks as to when she can finally hold her daughter in her arms. Currently in her third trimester, she shares that her pregnancy has been smooth so far.

“No morning sickness. My sense of smell is heightened to another level during the first trimester. Now I’m on my third, I just feel heavier, bigger, and swollen. Just the usual emotional rollercoaster but pretty chill,” Sam shares.

She admits that her excitement is mixed with nervousness because having a child is a totally different adventure for her and Anthony, but they’re very grateful nonetheless for the chance to welcome a new life to their family.

We share with you some snaps from Sam’s maternity shoot shot by Niko Gonzales. Scroll through and read more of our conversation with her.

Q: Can you tell us about the time you found out you were pregnant? How did you feel and what were your emotions then?

“So I found out in December 2020. I couldn’t believe it! I cried so much. Haha. Well, cause we were planning to have a baby in maybe 2 years still. But of course the blessing came. Accept the blessing. And now, I know it happened at the perfect timing. Now that I’m 31, and this whole covid, nothing or no where to go or do.”

Q: What are you most excited about now that you’re about to give birth?

“I’m so excited to meet her already!!! Excited and scared of how this new adventure would be. It’s something so new to me cause I didn’t grow up with any babies or kids. Plus I’m scared of babies, I feel like they’re so fragile. But I think when it’s mine, it’s okay.”

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Baby-Wearing 101: Let’s Talk about the Basics and the Benefits

The concept may be new to you so first, we answer the question: what is baby-wearing? Baby-wearing is the act of carrying your baby close to your body with the help of a special carrier. Parents have been baby-wearing for centuries because of how it benefits the baby and the connivence of hands-free care it gives the parents. Think about how attached newborns are to their parents and just how many hours a day are spent carrying them in your arms. With your hands tied up, it can get a little tricker to get your daily chores in. The tried and tested solution? Baby-wearing! You get to keep your bundle of joy close, and still have the freedom to make yourself that much awaited cup of coffee. Keen on learning more about baby-wearing? Continue reading for more on the basics and the benefits!

Baby-Wearing 101: Let's Talk about the Basics and the Benefits

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An Indoor Zoo Themed Party at Home for Axel’s First Birthday

If you can’t go to the zoo, then create your own zoo at home! That’s what Axel’s Mom and Dad did to celebrate his first birthday party in the comfort of home and with family. Giraffes of all shapes and sizes, a deer, jungle animal-shaped piñatas, and a teepee surrounded by logs were elements that transformed their space into an adorable indoor zoo just for Axel. We love the effort and thoughtfulness that went into putting together this truly memorable birthday party, so three cheers for Axel’s Mom and Dad! You’ll also enjoy seeing Axel excitedly dig into his giraffe-themed cake! Start scrolling through these photos from Cocoon Studio PH.

An Indoor Zoo Themed Party at Home for Axel's First Birthday

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