These Are the Foods You Should Eat While Breastfeeding

When breastfeeding, your baby will be relying on your body for all the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. And with the need to avoid some of your favorite treats during pregnancy, you may be wondering which foods are okay to eat now that you’re breastfeeding. To help you out, we came up with a list of foods breastfeeding moms should eat!

But, before anything, it’s also important to remember that every woman and every baby is different and you might not all react to the foods listed below in the same way. Still, having a general idea of which foods are good for your body and your baby’s body may be a helpful start to getting to know exactly what works for you both. Keep reading to learn more!

These Are the Foods You Should Eat While Breastfeeding

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A Vibrant Tropical Luau for Harper

Everything about Harper’s Hawaiian feast is so lively and vibrant, you’ll need your sunnies on! This luau themed birthday celebration–complete with colorful decorations, a mouth-watering spread, and, of course, one of the cutest celebrants–is sure to brighten up your day. So, bring out that sunscreen and check out these incredible snaps by Rheia Ramos Yeo Photography below! 

A Vibrant Tropical Luau for Harper

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The Look

We Are Loving Millennial Dads! Here’s Why!

There are a ton of memes, social media posts, product commercials, and even movies that bank on the premise of dads behaving poorly. So much so that it’s become almost too easy to mock them or see them as the lesser parent. In my personal life though, nothing can be further from the truth. I’ve witnessed how absolutely hands-on my husband and my brothers who are now dads are with their kids, the household chores, and how they go above and beyond for their families.

In spite of the added pressure to provide financially or the lack of emotional support, dads do more at home than what they’re given credit for. They don’t just babysit when mommy isn’t around, they co-parent. They don’t just help out, they are partners in running the household. Millennial dads in particular are parenting differently from generations before them and it’s setting up more and more kids for a great start in life. This post is to let young dads know that we see their hard work and we’re here to celebrate them today! Here are some things millennial dads do that their families love!

We Are Loving Millennial Dads! Here's Why!

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Christian’s First Class Birthday Party

Get ready for an adventure in the clouds as Christian takes you up, up, and away in his travel themed birthday celebration! With its grand stage setup and A-plus planning and styling, everything about this party will make you feel like you’re flying first class. So, buckle up and check out the shots Pram and Cradle took below!

Christian's First Class Birthday Party

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