An Awesome Safari Expedition for Uno

Ready for another awesome adventure? Well we got one for you from our dearest birthday boy, Uno, in his safari themed birthday party! Looking through these photos from Amilon Ignacio Photography has got me all excited! So don’t let me keep you, go ahead and scroll down!

Baby and Breakfast: Boy Parties An Awesome Safari Expedition for Uno

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5 Spas That Offer Home Services Around the Metro

Think of pampering time, and a massage will most likely come to mind. Who would say no to one when it helps relieve tension in your body? Plus, it also makes you feel relaxed at the end of the day. But, with lots of things to do like work, household chores, and errands, many of us find it hard to visit the spa. Good thing there’s quite a number of massage centers that offer home service nowadays. In the comfort of our own home, on our preferred time, we get that massage we’ve always wanted to have. So what are you waiting for? Check out our list of home service spas around the Metro!

Baby and Breakfast: Activities 5 Spas That Offer Home Services Around the Metro

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Daphne’s Modern Monochromatic Maternity Shoot

Today’s feature is special in more ways than one! Momma-to-be Daphne is not only carrying one baby, but three babies, and she captured her excitement and elation effortlessly with Little Heartbeat Photography! The soon-to-be parents even used unique elements for us to guess the gender of the triplets! So if you’re thinking of having a maternity shoot, you can get some tips from here! Don’t let me keep you, and get scrolling!

Baby and Breakfast: Maternity Shoots Daphne's Modern Monochromatic Maternity Shoot

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What is Baby-Led Weaning and Why You Should Do It

When my little girl reached four months old, she started showing interest in food. She would intently watch me and her dad pick up the cutlery, put food in our mouths, and chew. She was exclusively breastfed so I began to ask around at the office mom group when, how, and what they gave their babies when they turned sixth months. A good friend mentioned baby led weaning and her exact words were, “Pangtamad yun. You just give them bite-sized food of what you’re having, and you’re done!” It sparked my curiosity, and I read extensively on the topic. Here’s what you need to know!

Baby and Breakfast: Parenting What is Baby-Led Weaning and Why You Should Do It

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