A Dainty Summer Themed Party for Emilia

If you could choose one season to last the whole year, what would it be? I would choose summer–hands down! So, when I got my hands on these photos from Ivy Tuason Photography, you can imagine how excited I was! Kudos to Style It Dainty Studio for thinking up of this brilliant theme! Get ready for some summer lovin’ people, you’re gonna want to browse through these photos, stat!

Baby and Breakfast: Girl Parties A Dainty Summer Themed Party for Emilia

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5 Things Your Kids Can Gain from Owning a Pet

I grew up with cats, dogs, birds, and fishes. And let me tell you, it was and still is the best! If I were to count my best friends, you can bet that I include my dog in that list! Which is why I want to debunk the common misconception that pets are way too high maintenance for some families. I beg to differ! You know what the trick is? Love. You just have to love them with all your heart! Animals are so filled with innocence and love–it’s unbelievable! But aside from that, your kids can also learn different values from raising a pet. Plus, of course, all the fun perks of being a pet parent!

Baby and Breakfast: Parenthood 5 Things Your Kids Can Gain from Owning a Pet

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Matteo’s Grand Carnival Party

Who doesn’t enjoy carnivals? From adults to babies, everyone is bound to have a great time. The magic tricks, circus stunts, and game booths made this party feel like a real carnival! With Mickey peeking out from every corner of the room, Matteo’s birthday party was nothing short of perfect! Let Cradles by Anne Naig take you through the spectacular event.

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The Look


4 Birthday Milestones that Filipinos Celebrate

Who doesn’t love celebrating their birthday? Your favorite food, opening presents and having your loved ones celebrate you on your special day are just some highlights of birthdays celebrations! As we grow up, our birthdays get bigger and better as the list of things we should commemorate get longer! Here in the Philippines, we have a few noteworthy ages where celebrating is a must! Check out our list below (we’ve got some tips for you too)!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 4 Birthday Milestones that Filipinos Celebrate

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