A Style Savvy Bunch

Family portraits used to be a one note kind of thing when it came to wardrobe choices. But today, Lifestyle by Feliz shows us that we’re better off oomphing it up a bit. With outfit pieces that are too stylish for words, and tidbits of lovely props here and there, Chestknots Studios captured every single element that labels this bunch as the style savviest of them all (we can not get over how adorable everyone looks!).

Scroll down and indulge with us for a while. Because today, Edric and supermom/blogger Joy along with their kids Elijah, Edan, Titus, Tiana and the cutest baby bump, have official won our hearts over. Yes, this photo set will definitely kickstart your day– it’s hip and happenin’ meets good ol’ family lovin’!

Photographer: Chestknots Studios / Stylist: Lifestyle by Feliz / Set Design: Eve & Co.

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