Beads, Brights, and a Birthday

Being that our jobs allow us to see all sorts of shades and hues, we’ve sort of developed a color crush towards the bold colors present in a little girl’s birthday bash! Captured by Foreveryday Photography, Alexa’s Arts and Crafts Party is a fantastic treat for the eyes. I don’t know about you, but we are going crazy over those floral headpieces!

These little girls sure had the best day having a bead party conducted by the queen of beads, Jennifer Tan-Chi of Bead Blessed. And of course, they had the most fabulous time creating a mini-me doll 3D collage using mixed media that was brilliantly planned by Alexa’s mom and arts & crafts teachers, Ms. Taka Coloma and Teacher Erwin of Design Perception Visual Arts School. Let’s get our creativity groove on because this fête is just too exciting to pass. We hope it brightens up your day like it did ours!

Photos: Foreveryday Photography / Jewelry: Give Into The Glitter

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