A Tangled Tale

Who could forget the delightfully whimsical Disney movie, Tangled? From Rapunzel’s long blonde locks, the lanterns, to her ever-so-nifty skillet weapon– the story easily became every little girl’s dream fairytale! Just in case you missed it, Dana’s birthday party showcases all our favorite details from the movie! I don’t know about you, but I totally love the WANTED photobooth sign, and the skillet-like plates! Aren’t they simply adorable? Pinwheel Crafts & Events certainly has an eye for enchanting fancy fêtes because we sure are loving this wonderful affair!

So what are you waiting for? Let down your hair and come get tangled up in the fun & festivities of this celebration!

1 Dana-Tangled 2 Dana-Tangled 3 Dana-Tangled 4 Dana-Tangled 5 Dana-Tangled

6 Dana-Tangled 7 Dana-Tangled 8 Dana-Tangled 9 Dana-Tangled 10 Dana-Tangled 11 Dana-Tangled 12 Dana-Tangled 13 Dana-Tangled 14 Dana-Tangled 15 Dana-Tangled 16 Dana-Tangled 17 Dana-Tangled 18 Dana-Tangled 19 Dana-Tangled 20 Dana-Tangled 21 Dana-Tangled

Photography: Pinwheel Snaps / Styling: Pinwheel Crafts & Events

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