Celebrity Maternity Shoot: Rica Peralejo and Joseph Bonifacio

There certainly is a different kind of glow that women possess when they are pregnant–like a radiance that exudes serenity and happiness. With snaps beautifully taken by Jamie & Baby Lifestyle Photography, today’s photo set you are about to see is the epitome of that glow we’re talking about! Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio and hubby, Joseph Bonifacio, are effortlessly stylish and gorgeous in this vintage, relaxed-boho, and all around whimsical maternity shoot that totally warmed our hearts!

What we’re digging:

  • Rica’s whole wardrobe. We love that this pretty momma rocked so many fun looks.
  • Those shots of the tiny shoesie for the baby–too cute for my life!
  • Floral head wreathe seems to never get old. We think this one was just gorgeous!
  • If you wanna know the super quaint venue, it’s  Rustic Mornings.
  • Jo and Rica–you gotta dig true love!


Joe-Rica-Baby-04Joe-Rica-Baby-25Joe-Rica-Baby-24 Joe-Rica-Baby-14 Joe-Rica-Baby-13 Joe-Rica-Baby-11 Joe-Rica-Baby-15 Joe-Rica-Baby-16 Joe-Rica-Baby-10 Joe-Rica-Baby-08 Joe-Rica-Baby-09 Joe-Rica-Baby-05 Joe-Rica-Baby-02 Joe-Rica-Baby-03 Joe-Rica-Baby-01 Joe-Rica-Baby-12 Joe-Rica-Baby-07 Joe-Rica-Baby-06
Joe-Rica-Baby-17 Joe-Rica-Baby-18 Joe-Rica-Baby-20 Joe-Rica-Baby-23 Joe-Rica-Baby-21 Joe-Rica-Baby-22 Joe-Rica-Baby-19

Photography: Jamie & Baby Lifestyle Photography / Styling: A Dash of Jamie / Florals: Jacqs Floral Design Studio / Makeup: Czari Pizarro-Nolasco / Hair: Lily & Carmi of Regine’s Salon / Venue: Rustic Mornings


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