A Fabulous Fiesta

Bust out your best Macarena moves, señoritas, and shimmy your way into this shabby chic Mexican fiesta! Forgive the overexcitement, we just can’t help but feel extra festive today with all the charming details put together by Pinwheel Crafts & Events! We’re pretty sure everyone had a fun-filled day seeing all sorts of bright colors, and decorating sombreros! And thanks to Jamie & Baby Lifestyle Photography, Adrianna and her family will have beautifully-taken snaps to remember it all by.

What we’re digging:

  • The chic stage design! How adorable is that ladder with flower jars hung on the steps?!
  • Those multicolored tassel buntings by the dessert bar definitely add a festive feel to the party!
  • That donkey piñata! It’s never a Mexican party without this little fellow!
  • Yes to hats on a bike That’s one of our favorite decors from this celebration.
  • Those miniature pots with succulents as centerpieces were totally cute, don’t you think?
  • And the pink ruffled birthday cake! We’re totally loving that ombre design!

Photography: Jamie & Baby Lifestyle Photography / Event styling by: Pinwheel Crafts & Events

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