Pink in Paris

We can’t hide our smile whenever Little People Photography sends us their work. And this time it’s Luxe Parties who dolled up Hailey’s pink Parisian birthday. For those who are suckers for the city of love and all things pink, this cute affair will surely be a delight.

What we’re digging:

  • Nothing says Paris better than a huge Eiffel Tower.
  • We can’t say no to an adorable pink boutique set-up.
  • Lots of gold and pink French details makes everything so romantic and dreamy, don’t you think? We also love the blooms!
  • Little boys get to wear a bowtie to make their outfits extra dapper.
  • Since they’reĀ feeling a bit inspired, a painting station is indeed very French.

Photographer: Little People Photography / Styling: Luxe Parties / Venue: The Peninsula Manila


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