Of Rainbows and Unicorns

I sometimes find myself wishing I was a child again. To be enamored by unicorns, to be fascinated by rainbows, to dream about candy colors and all things whimsical. This shoot with cutiepie Sage is a reminder how fun it really is to be a kid. It’s great that the most adorable shoots are happening left and right these days! We love how photos like these bring us back to innocence and a carefree spirit… how being a kid is really one of the funnest things ever. Thank you La Belle Fete Weddings and Events for sending a basketful of wonderful today.

What we’re digging:

  • The colored fabrics used as a backdrop. Simple yet so cute!
  • Sage’s hair accessories. Our favorite is the blush flower.
  • The prettiest unicorns. Unicorn details here, there, and everywhere!
  • A pile of all things girly that Sage got to play with.
  • The wooden horse is totally charming. Sage looked like she was having a ball!

Photography: Shutterpanda Photography / Planning and Conceptualization: La Belle Fete Weddings and Events / Prop Styling: Marian Rios of La Belle Fete Weddings and Events / Fashion Styling: Donna Lim of La Belle Fete Weddings and Events / Wooden Letters: Shiela Gungon (Mommy)

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