Chic Celebration

We’re feeling a little sweet and extra dainty today all because of this shabby chic birthday party that Ryan and Frenz Photography covered! How lovely are those pinks and greens, coupled with floral accents?! Too cute, right?! This party is just bursting with a whole lot of adorable, loves! So without further ado, let me introduce you to little miss chic, Zoe!

 What we’re digging:

  • Those multipurpose paper doilies! We love it glued to the glass bottles, to the giveaways, and to the chocolates! It definitely adds that dainty touch!
  • The green and pink paper fans by the stage backdrop totally pops out! Great color choices for the party!
  • All the cakes! It’s like we were sent to frills and ruffles cake heaven! Drooool!
  • And did we mention Zoe’s mom was responsible for all these sweet, sweet styling? Adorbs!

Photography: Ryan & Frenz Photography

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