Peter Rabbit Preciousness

A couple of Peter Rabbit-inspired birthday parties have graced the Baby and Breakfast blog, but we’re not complaining! Each party is set apart by its little details, such as the ones you’ll see in Andrei’s bash! Peter Rabbit is an adorable storybook character, and there are a million reasons why he is well-loved by everyone. If you don’t know him yet, let this photo set introduce you to him! Enjoy!

What we’re digging:

  • Those cupcakes that were lined up and decorated to look like planting pots? Genius!
  • The fact that that Andrei’s own mom D.I.Y.-ed pretty much everything in her little one’s party. Snaps for you, Mommy Jen!
  • She was also the one who sent in these photos! Oh, how we wish other moms would send in photos of their baby’s parties too!

Andre-Peter Rabbit-01

Andre-Peter Rabbit-02

Andre-Peter Rabbit-03

Andre-Peter Rabbit-04

Andre-Peter Rabbit-05

Andre-Peter Rabbit-06

Andre-Peter Rabbit-07

Andre-Peter Rabbit-08

Andre-Peter Rabbit-09

Andre-Peter Rabbit-10

Styling: Mother of the Celebrant / Desserts: Lynette Guevarra

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