Adorable Art Attack

We are having a paintastic time here today because of all the wonderful details we have in store for you! Just imagine, all the primary colors gathered to make one absolutely colourful party, and it’s all thanks to the amazing Kaye Garcia. Let’s also give Little People Photography a round of applause for these awesome snaps! Enjoy and let the artist inside you drool!

What we’re digging:

  • We are absolutely loving this rainbow color fest! It’s always nice to have lots of colors to play with for your little tot’s party.
  • Those pompoms all lined up in the ceiling! It’s like we’re looking at a sky full of rainbows!
  • The multi-colored tassel bunting and honeycomb lanterns displayed by Amalia’s stage.
  • How about those desserts. Let’s start with those ruffled cake pops—LOVE THEM!!!
  • Also, those overly creative cupcakes. Come on! That’s some serious creative juices flowing! Bravo Marta’s Cakes!
  • We almost forgot to talk about the table runners! Did you notice each table had a ruffled rainbow table runner? Wow!

Photographer: Little People Photography / Stylist: Kaye Garcia / Dessert: Marta’s Cakes

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