Baby Bear Bash

Let’s start our week right, shall we? Jaden’s baptism was nothing short of sweet and adorable. That baby blue motif filled with lots and lots of cute little animals (and teddy bears, I might add), couldn’t be any more perfect for our little bud. We’re happy this party charmed its way to the blog! Thank you Khim Cruz of Party Deco for sending us these photos! Okay Monday, let’s do this!

What we’re digging:

  • We love the signage with all the info we need to know our little bud, Jaden! This is such a cute way of letting your guests know more about your kid!
  • Those blue jelly cups look so yummy–we haven’t even eaten breakfast yet, but we want to skip to the dessert already!
  • How about those elephant cupcakes? Actually those bear cupcakes too! And those giraffe cupcakes!!! We don’t really have to choose just one, right?
  • And that adorable three-piece cake by Baking Bug Bites!!!

Photographer: Ty Cruz / Stylist: Party Deco / Baker: Gladys Zamora of Baking Bug Bites

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