A Peter Pan Party

The title says it all. Today’s party is all about flying around, staying forever young, and playing with the lost boys! Yup, we’re going to Neverland, folks!  “Second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning!”  How we wish we can really go to such place. Just imagine, a land where growing old ceases to exist? Count us in! Luckily, One Carlo Photography sent us a birthday that can take us to that place! And my, oh my, looking through One’s party is like flying around Neverland! Whew! Did anyone else feel a little younger after browsing? Or was it just me?

What we’re digging:

  • All the transparent balls hung by the ceiling looked like a bunch of stars twinkling for us!
  • One’s adorable Peter Pan outfit! Move over Peter Pan, we’ve got another mischievous little boy out to steal the scene!
  • Those D.I.Y. Peter Pan hats for all the guests! So much labor of love!
  • The cake and cupcakes looked so darn delectable, can we please have some? Please?

Photographer: One Carlo Photography / Videographer: Dan Mendiola / Venue: Oceana Events Place by Cravings / Stylist: Andain’s Candy Buffet / Cake and Cupcakes: Frank & Carol’s / Catering: Cravings / Invite: One’s Mommy / Entertainment: Partyclix Phil. / Host: Barbie Ann Wong / Souvenir: Ant’s Pocket / Costume: Bumblebee & Co.

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