Rockin’ Celebration

Ever thought of throwing a rock party? No, we don’t mean rock and roll with the loud music. We’re talking about those rocks that we pass by our gardens and streets everyday. Sure, it may not sound like an exciting theme, but trust us! These pictures by Jamie Lihan of Imagine Nation will make you think otherwise! Piero’s party, with the clean colors and fun details, is just absolutely rockin’, and you wouldn’t want to miss it! So don’t waste another minute and scroll through this rocktastic celebration!

What we’re digging:

  • The unique rock cake from Kat Gorospe of Perfect Cakes from Kathy’s Kitchen! How often do you see an eye-catching cake like that?
  • The realistic rock pillows! They may look like real rocks but they definitely seem to be soft and comfy!
  • The vibrant green grass among the rocks in the centerpiece! Definitely added a burst of color to the table!
  • How the desserts were rock-themed too! Would you like some rocky mallows or some rock shots?

Photographer: Jamie Lihan of Imagine Nation / Cake: Kat Gorospe of Perfect Cakes from Kathy’s Kitchen / Attire and Rock Pillows: TRIA

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