Naptime Wonderland

As said in one of Disney’s famous songs, “a dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep”. Now we know what’s in little Lestat’s heart–magic, books, and love! Kudos to his amazing mommy and his semi-professional magician daddy for styling everything in the most adorable and magical shoot. These snaps by his dad Papers & Pastels by DLS are definitely nothing short of abracadabra-mazing! So we won’t keep you any longer and let you experience for yourself the magic this shoot has brought us!

What we’re digging:

  • The whole minimalistic theme of the shoot! I mean, Lestat’s mommy and daddy worked with only black, white, grey, and red. And hats off to them, everything came together so perfectly!
  • We absolutely love that little Lestat was in the cutest suspenders! He just looked simply dapper, don’t you agree? Kudos to Candidly Pretty for his onsie!
  • Those glasses! Definitely made him look like the most adorable little Einstein!
  • And talk about that magician set! Complete with the cards, the hat, and the rings! Definitely gave the entire shoot such a magical twist!

Photographer: Papers & Pastels by DLS / Styling: Lestat’s Mommy and Daddy / Personalized Onesie: Candidly Pretty / Venue: DLS Studio

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