Wizardly Wonderful

Did you just feel that tornado? Okay, maybe there wasn’t really any. But Alyanna’s party will definitely make you feel as if you just landed in the wonderful world of Oz! We’re feeling over the rainbow with these snaps from Precious Concepts! Following the yellow brick road never seemed so fun, all thanks to the styling by Sanfo Treats! No need to worry about bumping into any Wicked Witches here though, this party is nothing but goodness! Go ahead, put on your red heels and scroll through today’s post!

What we’re digging:

  • The balloon centerpieces! They are definitely enough to catch your eye!
  • The sparkly red Alyanna at the dessert table! A pretty reference to Dorothy’s red shoes!
  • The train–such a unique and fun idea!
  • The life-sized house! And did you notice the Wicked Witch of the East’s legs underneath?

Photographer: Precious Concepts / Stylist, Cake, Cupcakes, Desserts, Lights and Sounds, and Entertainment: Sanfo Treats / Venue: Villamor Airbase Clubhouse

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