Sweet and Suave Sailing

Ahoy, mateys! We hope you’re all aboard and ready to sail because we’ve got the cutest little captain’s baptism for you today! It will definitely be a splashin’ fun day at sea all thanks to the styling and the nautically nice photos sent to us by Alice’s Wonderland! This celebration has truly exuded the most adorable vibe that we simply cannot ignore! So, we won’t keep you any longer this Thursday morning… Have a sweet sailing day ahead!

What we’re digging:

  • Don’t you just love the navy blue vinta boat centerpieces? They’re just such a perfect fit for the theme of this event–not to mention, very eye-catching as well!
  • We just love how sentimental the wish cards for Ashton are! Imagine having him look back at this special day years from now, seeing all the notes written to him by all his loved ones–incredibly sweet, don’t you think?
  • The seashells and sand definitely made us want to hit the beach and be under the sun sailing! I mean, this nautical affair has definitely got us in the mood for it!
  • We are sooo loving red and blue paper boats and pinwheels! They just add so much vibrance and color, don’t you agree?
  • And that cake by Dexter’s! Definitely a way-way-too-pretty-to-eat-cake! The details and the colors make it look oh-so-scrumptious!

Photography and Event Styling: Alice’s Wonderland / Cake: Dexter’s / Venue: Makati Shangri-La

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