Little Rascals Club

Looks like our little birthday boy has made it just in time for the 20th anniversary reunion of the Little Rascals Club–and Little J has got us covered! I mean, how can we forget the ever so famous Darla and Alfalfa? The whole gang just got back together and celebrated this super fun birthday bash of their newest (and definitely the cutest) member Joaquin! Kudos to Party Magic for recreating this super fun and adventure-filled Little Rascals clubhouse for this celebration!

What we’re digging:

  • We love the rustic clubhouse feel of the whole place! The wooden elements, the yellow & orange balloons and lanterns, the vintage patterns…. the list just keeps going on!
  • Check out that Little Rascals corner filled with huts, vintage cars, tires, and even a photo of the original gang! Definitely spot on! Oh, and can you spot the replica of Alfalfa’s letter to Darla? (Adorable!!!)
  • Those giveaways in red wagons are just so cute and witty! We would definitely want to keep one for ourselves!
  • And we can’t get enough of the cake and the desserts! Everything was just so detailed and in-theme!

Photographer: Little J / Stylist: Party Magic / Magician: Wan Lu

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