Up, Up, and Away!

My, oh my, we simply can’t wait for you to see our source of sunshine for this Wednesday morning! I’m sure we’ve all watched the Disney-Pixar movie UP where many of us cried, laughed, and even did both at the same time–I mean, the movie is just absolute genius! Looking at these snaps sent in by Mr&Mrs.J Photography definitely made us want to scream CA-CA! RAAWWRR! So buckle up your seat belts, wilderness explorers, and get ready to go up, up, and away!

What we’re digging:

  • Nothing says wilderness better than being in the outdoors! Don’t you just love the theme of this sibling shoot? The colorful balloons, the picnic set-up, and their little furry friend! Kudos to Mrs. J for the styling!
  • We just love the little hot-air balloon Dylan and Zach were in! It made us want to hop in and fly with them too!
  • There are literally no words to describe how cute their outfits are! I mean, mini Mr. Fredricksen and Russel? How adorable!
  • And don’t you just love how these two are such a natural in front of the camera?

Photographer and Event Stylist: Mr&Mrs.J Photography / Venue: University of the Philippines

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