Sunshine and Skaters

What do you get when you have a sweet, girly mommy and a rockin’, skater daddy? The perfect opportunity to have two totally different yet equally beautiful photo shoot layouts! Natalia looked super adorable in her beautiful lemonade garden, and after a change of clothes and styling, she transformed to a very cool Rock and Skate Princess! We can’t thank Jamie & Baby Lifestyle Photography enough for these gorgeous snaps! Whether you’re a girly girl or a skater girl (or somewhere in between!), we’re sure you’ll fall in love with these photos just as much as we did!

What we’re digging:

  • All of the bright flowers and lovely sunshine in Natalia’s garden setup! Looks like we just entered flower heaven!
  • The fun instruments and records in the rockstar set-up! Nothing says cool like some awesome things to jam with!
  • How natural it was for the whole family to be in front of the camera! Mommy Nadelyn, Daddy Gyte, and Natalia looked like they were having such a blast!
  • The special guest appearance by their furry dog! This family is just so darn precious!

Photographer and Stylist: Jamie & Baby Lifestyle Photography

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