Cardboard Crazy

Yuuup, you read that right! It’s a cardboard party, and we bet you, this might be the coolest thing you’ll see today! Cardboard isn’t exactly very festive-sounding when it comes to parties but Pinwheel Crafts and Events just proved us wrong. Jaime’s birthday celebration was hip and fun–who would have thought such a theme can exist? This party just became one of our favorites, and if you scroll down a bit more, you’ll see why!

What we’re digging:

  • The entire cardboard house! Any kid would go crazy over this fun makeshift house!
  • Those egg cartons used as trays for the mini cupcakes. Now that’s a neat idea!
  • That chalkboard-like dessert table! No need for food labels, put it straight on the backdrop!
  • We love the whole concept! What a genius way to reuse and recycle old materials!

Stylist: Pinwheel Crafts and Events / Venue: North East Greenhills Clubhouse

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