Barn Bash

Y’all want to have some barnyard fun? Well, better check out these snaps from Jed Uy because Sam’s barn bash will definitely make you go e-i-e-i-o!  Party Magic whipped up a super fun celebration filled with the freshest of produce and sweets, we can’t help but be delighted! So grab your boots, ready your line dance moves, and let’s have a good time! Have a happy Tuesday!

 What we’re digging:

  • That way too awesome barn stage set up! I especially love those rustic lights and that good ol’ big red barn!
  • Those adorbs chicken egg cake pops! I love how they used the egg cartons as trays!
  • Those plush vegetable and fruit toys! I want to take home one too!
  • And that super cute birthday cake made by Cottontail Cake Studio!

Photographer: Jed Uy / Stylist: Party Magic / Catering: Verleo / Dessert Table: Simply Paris / Host: Jiggles / Entertainment: Leodini / Petting Zoo: Party Time Philippines / Food Carts: Sweet Services / Cake: Cottontail Cake Studio / Videographer: Ford Cabrera

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