Wonderful Willy Wonka

Today’s post will give you an extra dose of sugar rush! Why do you ask? Willy Wonka finally opened his chocolate factory doors and we are going crazy bonkers! All eyes were on Mia as she turned six. Looking through these photos that The Little Ones sent our way, she sure looked like she had an awesome sweet birthday! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your golden ticket and let’s head over to this chocalate-y party!

What we’re digging:

  • The styling of Teepee Dreams! It amazes us how they transformed the venue into something as grand as this!
  • The stage design was as all kinds of cute and adorable!
  • All the terrific sweets made by Felicity Patisserie! We can’t have a Willy Wonka party without these treats, right?
  • And all those darling candid snaps and family portraits that just made the party even more special!

Photographer: The Little Ones / Stylist: Teepee Dreams / Sweets: Felicity Patisserie

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