The Amazing Aviator

Let’s fly high for today’s party! Captain Rafael is taking us to his super fun aviation party, and we couldn’t be more excited! Filled with red and blue, fun crafts, and sweet desserts, we’ll be coursing through his party over and over again! Thanks Leslie Chua of Yellow Tie Photography for these snaps! Oh and before I forget, isn’t the styling so fab? Way to go Miel Cabanes, you are a sure trooper! So what are you waiting for, fly off that runway! Have a happy Thursday!

What we’re digging:

  • Those adorable cupcakes with vintage flying hats as toppers? Too cute for my life!
  • Rafael’s jacket is so stylish–now that’s how you dress up for your birthday!
  • That runway carpet for the entrance is so genius too!
  • And that crafty stage set up! So cute, don’t you think?

Photographer: Leslie Chua of Yellow Tie Photography / Stylist: Miel Cabanes / Venue: Sonera Clubhouse, Ayala Southvale / Cake Baker: Trisha Ruste of Satin Cakes / Catering: The Creamery Catering / Desserts: Mother, cookierella / Cupcakes: Baked Twinkles / Invitations: Ann Balbido / Entertainment: Leodini, the Magician / Host: Erney Arcilla / Lights and Sounds: Sensitivity / Favors: Mother of the Birthday Celebrant with the help of Family / Planner: Mother of the Birthday Celebrant / Photobooth: Photoman / Food Cart: Jeriz Food Cart

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