Easy D.I.Y. Paper Flowers

Let’s get crafty today, shall we? In our continuous effort to give you creative ideas for your parties, we decided to do something new and exciting!

Here’s a simple D.I.Y. craft that you can use for your parties without breaking the bank! We invited Lai of Made by Lai to teach you three kinds of paper flowers that are overflowing with cuteness. They’re fun, adorable, and very easy to do! Check out the full post by clicking here!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Watercolor
  • Brushes
  • Barbecue sticks–paper straws and floral wire can work too.
  • Crepe paper: Green for the stem and leaves; white or any color you need for the flower
  • Cupcake wrappers
  • Assorted paper–if you have brown paperbags or old books laying around, those would make great flowers too

Step 1: Cut about half an inch of green crepe paper.
Step 2: Grab your barbeque stick and coat one side from top to bottom with glue.
Step 3: Wrap the green crepe paper to the barbeque stick.

Step 4: Cut about 2 inches or bigger off of your white crepe paper, measure about two ruler’s width or longer and cut.
Step 5: Spread open your strip and cut curve lines. The curves at the start should be low and will increase height diagonally till the end.

Step 6: Dab glue at the end of your stem and glue the start of the strip to the stem.
Step 7: Fold over in sections (imagine making ruffles) around the stem.
Step 8: Apply glue at the bottom of your flower.
Step 9: Wrap around a green strip over the bottom of your petal creating a cone.

Step 10 (Optional): Cut out a leaf shape from your green crepe paper.
Step 11: Apply glue at the bottom.
Step 12: Wrap around the stemp of your flower.

And you’re done! You now have a paper alstroemeria! Now let’s try making another easy-to-do paper flower!

Step 1: Make a stem and then cut about two and a half inches off the white crepe paper, and paint the middle with upstrokes of yellow (or whatever color fits your theme).
Step 2: After painting the whole strip, fold it over again and cut out fringes on the edges.
Step 3: Place some glue on the tip of your stem. Open your fringe strip and place the end over the glue.

Step 4: Roll the fringed strip over the stem until the end. Make sure that the fringe aligns real nice near the top of the flower and doesn’t roll downwards towards the stem. This is so that your flower will open nicely.
Step 5: Apply glue at the bottom of your flower and roll a strip of green crepe paper shaped like a cone into the stem.

That’s it, you’re done! You can place the optional leaf onto the stem if you want to. If you think the paper chrysanthemum is easy, wait until you try your hands on the next flower–the carnation.

Step 1: Make a stem. Get 10-12 cupcake wrappers and flatten into a circle. Prepare your paint.
Step 2: Paint the edges of your cupcake wrappers, fold it half, and cut a slit in the middle of the folded cupcake wrapper.

Step 3: Apply glue at the end of your stem and insert all 10-12 wrappers into your stem.
Step 4: After the last wrapper, apply another dab of glue at the end of your stem.
Step 5: Crumple all wrappers upwards towards the tip of the stem. Do each wrapper separately to create an organic crinkle on each “petal”.
Step 6: Apply glue on the bottom of the flower and wrap a strip of green crepe paper in a cone towards the stem.

Now admire your pretty paper carnation flower together with the paper alstroemeria and paper chrysanthemum that you did in a matter of minutes! All three flowers are pretty easy and fast to do, right? And to top it off, they’re all very nice! You can even experiment with other paper stocks, like brown paper bags or old books!

Here are a few ideas on how to use it in your party!

Let’s start with the obvious–paper flower centerpieces for the tablescapes of your guests! Just get various jars, bottles, or teapots and pop a few flowers in there… perfect centerpieces!

Have jars of sweets as giveaways for your guests? What about cake-in-a-jars? Top it off with a flower bloom at the top to create a personal and cute touch your guests will surely adore you for!

What about creating a headpiece for your little one, or maybe a belly sash for your baby shower? Get a large ribbon, stack four flowers and leaves on there, glue them all together, and viola! A pretty floral headpiece you can wear for the big day!

Oh and lookie, they’re great for pets, too!

That’s it! Show us your wonderful D.I.Y. creations and tag @babyandbreakfast and @madebylai on Instagram! Have fun crafting!

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