A Tribal Treat

A pow wow is a social gathering of the native people of North America which includes dancing, singing, and socializing. With Phoenix’s Native American-inspired birthday party, along with the styling prowess of Party Magic, this gathering definitely looks like a festival filled with lots of fun and tribal dances!  Make sure to go through Luxe Photography‘s amazing photos to know how this pow wow party made us wow!

What we’re digging:

  • The amazing stage design! Hues of orange, blue, and brown make the set-up more vibrant!
  • The dreamcatchers! More than being a traditional symbol of the Native American culture, these are wonderful decorative pieces for a party!
  • There’s nothing more festive than those colorful native headdresses!
  • The photobooth set-up! Can you see the rocking horse and that cute canopy? We’re sure it was such a delight to get photos taken there!

Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-01 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-02 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-03 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-04 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-05 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-06 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-07

Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-08 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-09 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-10 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-11 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-12 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-17 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-14 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-15 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-16 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-18 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-19 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-20 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-21 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-24

Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-06 Phoenix-Pow-Wow-Party-26

Photographer: Luxe Photography / Styling: Party Magic by Michelle Lao / Invitation and Gift Tags: The Playground PH / Catering: Tijoe / Host: Make Believe Productions / Light and Sounds: Crossmix

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  1. hi, may I know how to contact/message the Mom of Jacob, I just want to ask where she got Jacob’s outfit 🙂 Thanks

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