Funyard, Barnyard!

Looking for a barn house, picket fence, haystacks, pick-up truck, and a whole lot of fun? Well, howdy there, partner! You’ve come to the right place! Blue and pink pigs, horses of all sizes, ducks, roosters, swans–you name it and we got it! All right here at Amara’s barnyard birthday party. Grab your backpack and don’t forget to bring your sweet tooth, a grumbling stomach, and a whole lot of energy, ‘cause things are about to get wild! Yeehaw!

What we’re digging:

  • That barn shed totally completes the whole theme. I thought those things could only be found in storybooks!
  • Fruit baskets scattered all around for anyone looking for something to eat on the go? Genius!
  • Love, love, love the WHOLE set-up! Everything just worked so well together. Amara must have been one happy little girl! Thanks for the snaps and the styling, The Party Project!
  • The venue was absolutely perfect for this theme! Way to go, mommy!

Photographer, Event Stylist, Desserts: The Party Project / Venue: Sta. Elena Fun Farm / Catering: Lola Bunding’s

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