Diner Dreamin’

Put on your letterman jackets, cat-eye glasses, and balloon skirts! Today, we’re rewinding a bit to the 1950s for a diner-inspired party we won’t ever forget! My nephew, Lucas, celebrated his first birthday a couple of months back, and Homemade Parties and I put together something special for him. With red, white, and black, pops of Coca-Cola memorabilia, diner comfort food, and rockin’ sweets and treats, get ready for this D.I.Y. party that will knock your Greaser hair and socks off!

What we’re digging:

  • All these photos from Little J Photography!
  • The wayfarer sunglasses and cat-eye glasses waiting for the kids by the entrance!
  • The diner-themed treats by the dessert table with matching adorable dessert labels! “Ain’t nothin’ but a burger” and “I met him on a sundae” aaahhh, too cute!
  • Those pancake skewers are such perfect comfort food treats!
  • The centerpieces! I especially love how each table had a different Coca-Cola souvenir on it!
  • That “Candy Scooping Station” with a D.I.Y. gumball machine! Flip over a claypot, put a huge fishing bowl on top of it and voila! You’ve got yourself one!

Birthday Photographer: Little J Photography / Prebirthday Shoot Photographer: Kaizer Photography / Stylist: Mommy Monica of Homemade Parties and Ninang Marian Rios / Coke Bottle Invite: Daddy Jan / Catering and Hotcake Skewers: Queensland Catering Services / Printables: Marian Rios / Chocolate Coated Candies: Dough-it-All / Custom Notepads and Diner Party Hats: Party Ready / Host: Madz Seludo-Canillas / Cake and Themed Cupcakes: Bite Me / Themed Sugar Cookies, “Burger” Cupcake and Regular Cupcakes: Ianne’s Sugarcraft

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