How To Make Origami Flowers

Hey there, girlies! We have a new D.I.Y. hack for you today! This time, Oats DIY is teaching us how to make origami flowers. You know the best part about this tutorial? It only involves two materials! Yes, you read that right! So drop everything you are doing right now, and let’s get on with this super easy origami tutorial! Enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 5 sheets of origami paper
  • glue stick

Step 1: With the printed side of the origami paper facing down, turn the sheet diagonally and fold along the dotted line. Make sure the bottom tip meets the upper tip of the paper.

Step 2: Take the right-side pointed end and fold towards the dotted line. Ensure the two tips meet each other.

Step 3: Take the left-side pointed end and fold towards the upper tip of the paper, making it meet the right-side pointed end.

Step 4: Now fold the right flap downwards along the dotted line. Make sure to keep this aligned with the right-side edge.

Step 5: Repeat the same with the left-side flap. Don’t forget to ensure that the folded flap should be aligned with the left-side edge as seen in the picture below.

Step 6: Insert your index finger inside the pocket of the right side flap.

Step 7: Lift the right-side flap while keeping your index finger inside.

Step 8: Now use your thumb to press down on the previously folded portion of the flap, and flatten it down when its new appearance resembles a kite.

Step 9: Repeat Steps 6 to 8 for the left side flap.

Step 10: Take the right flap’s upper portion and fold down along the dotted line.

Step 11: Take the left flap’s upper portion and fold down along the dotted line.

Step 12: Now take the right-side edge and fold along the dotted line to meet its inner fold.

Step 13: Repeat the same step but with the left-side edge this time.

Step 14: Take your glue stick and apply glue on the right-side outer flap. It is best to cover the entire area for strong adhesion, then press the left and right flaps together so the glue will bond.

Step 15: Let go of the edges and hold the bottom part of the folded paper. Insert your index finger inside the “flower petal” to slightly arrange the three inner tips.

Now repeat Steps 1 through 15 until you have five “flower petals” in total.

Step 16: Glue along the edge of one “flower petal”. It is best to work on one side of the “petal” only (not both).

Step 17: Press the “flower petal” with another.

STEP 18: Repeat Steps 16 and 17 until you have glued all 5 “petals” together.

Take note that when gluing the last two pieces together, insert your index finger in one “flower petal” while your thumb in another, and hold the two “petals” together for at least 10 seconds to secure them in place.

You now have a KUSUDAMA FLOWER ORIGAMI to adorn your centerpiece!

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