Spectacular Superheroes

It’s three times the cuteness for today’s party! It isn’t a bird, and nope, it isn’t a plane… It’s a spectacular superhero party for triplets Lex, Grey, and Ti! Twinhouse Creatives amazingly transformed the kids’ house into a town in need of saving, and of course the triplets, along with their playtime buddies, were there to rescue the town once again from the evil villains! Every place in the house looked like a page from a comic book–from the entrance, dining area, garden, down to the garage! You gotta see these snaps by Stanley Ong right this instant!

What we’re digging:

  • We loved that main backdrop design with all the buildings!
  • All those “Boom”, “Kapow”, “Zap” signs scattered all over the windows!
  • That super cake by Tazzy Cakes! We totally love how the toppers were actual superhero toys!
  • And of course, we definitely enjoyed the garage setup filled with toy cars and obstacles for the kids to play with!


Photos: Stanley Ong / Coordination, Adventure Script, and Styling: Twinhouse Creatives / Video: Zoombox Wedding Videos / Cake: Tazzy Cakes / Host: Carl Cordero (a.k.a. Carl Kent, Clark Kent’s asian cousin) / Lighting and Sound Design: Twinhouse Creatives / Bounce House: The Balloon People (Malou Lee Laurion) / Caterer: CIBO / Giveaways and Superhero Kits: Mom of the celebrant, Ross Ann Chung / Joker: The wonderful and super game driver of the birthday celebrants

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