Batibot Birthday Bash

For those who grew up in the 80s, Batibot (a Filipino version of Sesame Street) was one of the biggest shows for kids. And being the 80s (cool) kid that I am, I was pretty psyched when Rafa’s party was sent our way. Hello Kuya Bodjie and Ate Sienna! Let’s travel a few years back in time and enjoy this locally-inspired celebration styled by Dianne Khu Designs and photographed by Prime Focus Photography. And for those who can totally relate, “Tayo na sa Batibot!”

What we’re digging:

  • Who doesn’t love Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing? It’s not everyday that a giant turtle and a monkey are best friends!
  • We think it’s pretty cute that the dessert/treats names where in Tagalog (sort of)!
  • Primary colors for the win! These shades totally captured the colors of the show itself.
  • A Batibot party wont be complete without sorbetes and taho!
  • That dessert table is simply irresistible! Yup, I just might help myself with a serving of Gummi Pating (Gummy Sharks)!

Styling: Dianne Khu Designs / Photographer: Prime Focus Photography / Cakes: Mommyluv’s Kitchen

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